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created by
daniel got hits


Daniel Got Hits is one of the world’s most popular freestylers, with over 350,000 followers on Instagram (@DanielGotHits) and tens of millions of views across all of his videos.

Throughout his career he has competed at 5 world finals and was ranked the #2 freestyler in the world in 2012.

Based in New York, Daniel has always been an active member of the freestyle community and loves teaching his skills to the next generation of young players.

Shot & Edited by
michael bliss


Michael Bliss is a talented young filmmaker based in New York City, with a passion for travelling and freestyle soccer.

YouTube: youtube.com/michaeldbliss
IG: instagram.com/michaeldbliss


Motion Graphics by
Shishkin Productions


Shishkin Productions is a Brooklyn-based post-production and motion graphics company.

Website: http://shishkin.productions